The mission of the laboratory is:

a) The provision of the appropriate Academic environment to meet teaching and research needs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of the Department as well as other Departments of the University of Thessaly

b) The design, analysis and development of algorithms and applications in subjects falling within the scope of laboratory’s activities

c) The support of the development of curricula and conducting basic and applied research

d) The cooperation and exchange of scientific knowledge with other Academic or Research Institutions of the country or abroad in the framework of academic or research programs

e) The cooperation with other Research Laboratories of Public Bodies, Organizations, Institutes, Enterprises, municipalities, communities and other social and scientific bodies and public benefit institutions in order to contribute to the laboratory in improving the quality of products or services and productivity

f) The organization of seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures as well as the realization of publications and publications

g) The provision of services according to the provisions of P.D. 159/1984.

h) The provision of services to individuals, stakeholders, companies and public authorities in competitive research and development programs.