The aim of the laboratory is to bridge two important research fields in the field of informatics which are the artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed computing. The laboratory seeks to explore new trends and developments in the aforementioned research fields, as well as the design and implementation of a new generation of intelligent systems in distributed computing, inventing and proposing to the Scientific Community innovative and hybrid techniques from the field of AI.

The current trends in the field are both the application of distributed systems to solve complex learning, design, and decision-making problems, and the application of AI to complex distributed systems such as the Internet of Things. edge computing, cloud computing, etc. The ultimate goal is to achieve the so-called Ambient Intelligence which is a trend that brings intelligent applications to our everyday environment giving them the ability to adapt to the requirements of end users.

The aim of the Laboratory is to be clearly placed in the specific research field both at National and International level and to provide high level research. In this aspect, the Laboratory studies in depth the aforementioned research areas and proposes to the International Scientific Community innovative solutions to meet the challenges we encounter to a Society that is effectively supported by autonomous applications. In addition, the Laboratory seizes the opportunity to contribute to future research and to fill the research gaps that currently exist with the ultimate goal of providing an environment in which users will not observe the devices around them but will benefit from the provided services.