SaveWoodenBoats National Initiative

The project partnership aims to rescue and maintain the maximum possible number of elements of the “ELENI P.”, one of the largest surviving “Perama” boats, to prepare a complete study of the construction of a true copy of Eleni P., which will incorporate the maximum possible number of items that have been saved and conserved, create a digital copy of the restored vessel and prepare an exploitation and sustainability study of the physical/digital copy of the vessel. The above objectives will be achieved by the 2D/3D Design and Digital 3D Preserved Parts of the Ship, with targeted and specialized Diagnostic and Maintenance Works at the Shipyard, with Wood Recognition and Maintenance Works by recognized Greek scientists, Design and Designing Works by Specialized Architects as well as Documentation and Demonstration Works with the contribution of Executives from the Museum of Hydra and Central DNPK Service of the Ministry of Culture.


ENFORCE provides solutions for the virtualization of Set-top Boxes (STBs – vSTBs) and iTV services chains (if absent in SoftFIRE). ENFORCE covers the programmability aspect of the SoftFIRE platform that will reveal the combination of Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to directly govern and orchestrate network resources to create virtual infrastructures. For iTV services, ENFORCE will also offer a benchmarking tool that will reveal the strengths / weaknesses of the SoftFIRE solution. ENFORCE will evaluate the monitoring mechanism and the SoftFIRE platform on top of multiple test scenarios where the demand for iTV services and their performance will vary.